Another Fourth, another dollar

July 4, 2013


It was a low-key 4th of July around here. Brad hasn’t come to Seward yet, and a bunch of people are gone for one reason or another, so we were a small but mighty crew. There was very little pressure or ambition to ‘do’ anything. Lloyd said we should walk the square around 10, but after showers and his morning nap, we didn’t leave the house until after 11. There was really nothing to buy at the square except Lloyd’s obligatory mustard, then we walked through the food alley. There were at least five shaved ice stands, including this one that made Lloyd’s heart leap with joy, only to fall in sub-par-frozen-treat disappointment. This is not Hawaiian Shave Ice

shaved ice

Sorry Lloyd, but this year there was a different treat to be had: ribbon fries. We saw a lady eating a huge pile of what seemed to be potato chips in a big tangle. We ferreted out where she got them, and at the booth I saw the coolest contraption on the face of the planet:

ribbon fries still shot

That, my friends, is a ribbon fry cutter. I started to take a picture and the man asked if I wanted to take a video. You can hear him make some witty comment that I completely didn’t hear but I laughed heartily anyway because ….. well, because I never pay attention to anything when it’s actually happening.

They were delicious! They came with cheese sauce, which was unnecessary, but ketchup would have been nice.

Other than that, it was a nice 4th. The parade was wonderful: five Czech queens, just the right amount of non-float vehicles (trucks, ambulances, dry-cleaning vans), a good-natured group of hollerers, and Beth got a hug from a stranger. Afterward, we hung around and ate delicious food, but we skipped the fireworks because we are old and know better now.

The end.

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5 Responses to “Another Fourth, another dollar”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That is a cool contraption. I wonder what other things you could cut into ribbons. Apples? Radishes? Ham? I think you need to find out where to get one of those.


  2. Deborah Said on:

    I napped during the fireworks. I’m old and I don’t know better.


  3. Tammy Said on:

    WOW -- I didn’t quite understand when you were explaining last night (of course by then I was having a focus issue -- long but fun day of walking) but it looks and works like a much larger high powered apple,corer, pealer slicer thingy from Pampered Chef -- which is little and hand cranked. I never considered using it on potatoes!


  4. Peg gy Said on:

    So these are really potato chips right?


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