Birthdays and The Bed

July 13, 2013


Mom and I spent some time looking through family photos today. My parents have converted all of their old slides to digital files, which is fantastic both for the sweet old memories and the future post fodder. I uploaded them all to a Flickr account and now I can get to them whenever I want. I’m set for posts for life! (Or at least for a while.)

We came across some pictures of the awesome bunk bed. I had forgotten about the wallpaper inside. *Sigh* What a great bed.


The photo is from my 8th birthday. I had a party (I think my only one) and invited friends, which was fun, but not necessary. Our regular birthday tradition was great – we would wake up early and go into the dining room where Mom would have the cake in the middle of the table and our presents arranged all around it. When everyone woke up, we all watched the birthday sibling open presents before we ate breakfast. I remember one year getting up and going to the dining room only to be crushed that it wasn’t set up. (Apparently it was three in the morning. Way to not tell time, Little Lauren.)

Anyway, I do have some strong memories of that party, mostly of the favors. We all got a little watch/bracelet thing that had a plastic zipped pouch that held a tiny doll inside! And after looking at the picture, I see that we went all out and had Holly Hobbie cups and plates and candy-cup snack favors! Wait a minute – are those Whistle Pops in there!? Holy cow, I must have been the luckiest kid alive!


The banner picture is from my brother Mark’s birthday. I had to include it because of the Pepsi bottle. Does anyone else remember when they were packaged with a thin styrofoam sleeve/label? I bet those are still around somewhere…. In the ocean.

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3 Responses to “Birthdays and The Bed”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I love the way the kid in the blue shirt smiles for pictures.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    That bunk bed is like a condo! No wonder you liked it so much!

    Who is the girl/lady in the banner picture all the way on the right?

    Happy reminiscing! And yes, please post more pictures!


  3. Christina Said on:

    I used to love to peel the foam off the Pepsi bottles! Forgot about that until I saw your picture!


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