God bless the internet.

August 6, 2013


It’s home visit time around here, and once again I would like to kiss the internet for making life so much easier for me.

Long ago I used to visit the homes of the children for our first parent-teacher conference, which is in November. That was soooooooooooooooo bad. Everybody lived out in the country and would have directions like, “Turn at the big propane tank by the green house and go 2 1/2 miles. If you pass the old barn, you’ve gone too far.” The problem was – everything is dark and gray on a November evening, so I was lost. A lot.

Years ago we switched to doing thembefore school, and now – thanks to Google Maps – no house is unhidden from me! Mmmmuuuhuuuaahhhahaha!


This year, though, I did the best thing ever – I found a website that schedules stuff for you! I set it up with the times I’d be available, then just sent the website link to families! In the past I’d mail the postcards, then spend a couple of evenings calling everyone to set up the times. Now? Au-To-Matic!

Technology, my friends, is good.

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5 Responses to “God bless the internet.”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    Technology is our friend.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Pretty soon you’ll Skype your home visits.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Wow…that is great! Who knew such things existed! It’s like having your own personal assistant.

    And hmmm…..I like the Location: At your home. I wonder if I could send these out to various friends but with the title reading “Let’s have Dinner”


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