Samith, Samsung and Me

September 18, 2013


We are going through the process of implementing a new time-card system at work (TimeForce). The old way was that everybody wrote down their time in/time out on a piece of paper and then humans tallied the hours and figured out the pay, vacation earned and all that jazz. Now it’s being computerized, and while that will relieve some headaches for some people, we’re going through ‘something different’ and I’m doing my part to try and make it easier.

We don’t have a good localized setup for using a computer (this program is web-based), but I thought we could get a cheap iPad and just nail it to the wall in the bathroom. (That’s where the sign-in papers have lived, lo these many years.) Well, there are three stumbling blocks to this: 1) There is no such thing as a ‘cheap iPad’ except the two on Craigslist that I’m almost certain are stolen goods and 2) The awesome Time Force app is not something our particular account is set up to use and 3) Lloyd says you can’t nail through iPads.

So Samith came to our rescue. He had a Samsung Galaxy Tab that he donated to the cause. (Three cheers for generous souls!) Tonight I went to Lincoln to try and figure out a way to have a keyboard be a part of this system, and I think I may have a solution. Pros: It’s Pink! It’s cute! The keyboard is more useful than the screen! The Cons? The longest you can leave it on without it going to sleep is an hour, and I don’t know how to extend that. It will be fine. We’ll be FINE!


I am not above putting labels all over everything, either. I also made a shortcut to the website so you can just tap that icon and go right there.


Thank you, Samith! You’re the best!

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5 Responses to “Samith, Samsung and Me”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Your software for Talk Like a Pirate Day is more subtle this year.

    At my work, we clock in by scanning our fingerprint. That way, if you ever wanted to try and cheat the system, you’d have to cut off your finger. That would take some pretty serious dedication.


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Arrgh! I plumb forgot it war Talk Like a Pirate Day! Guess I’ll be walkin’ the plank later for not mentioning its glory.


  3. Capt' Bessie Said on:

    I love yar labels! Me sure all the scallywags be appreciatin’it too!

    (Ooo…me brain be hurtin’ tryin’ to talk like a pirate. How in God’s blue sea did them thar hearties do it 24/7?)


    • Deborah Said on:

      Ha! I’ve often thought that when I’ve had to read Shakespeare. Not the pirate part, but the how do they talk like that part.


  4. Lauren Said on:

    Did you pirate-fy my post, Lloyd?


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