Like a bridge over laminated water

November 10, 2013


I have to give Sam some credit for this idea. Several weeks ago when Lloyd and the kids were building with Lincoln Logs, Sam said that they should have a green rug to be the grass. Good idea.

A few weeks ago my class was talking about addresses and neighborhoods. We used masking tape to makes squares on one of our tables to be our ‘neighborhood’. We had a spot for the buildings and a place for cars to drive. After a couple of days we jazzed it up with construction paper to be grass or dirt, with a pond thrown in for good measure.


Hmmmmm. That got me thinking – those scrapbook places have every kind of paper under the sun. Surely they have different kinds of Earth coverings?

Why, yes they do.


I added labels to throw a little literacy into the mix, then glued them back-to-back (different surfaces) and had them laminated. Normally I am not a fan of laminating because do we honestly need so many things encased in plastic for eternity?

I made an exception in this case.

Water has been the most popular by far. The boys (there is a small knot of boys who have taken ownership of them) gleefully have the cars splash into the ocean, and one of them (a boy, not a car) just got back from a family trip to Mexico, so block area has become a very nice beach resort. “Here we go, Mexico!”


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3 Responses to “Like a bridge over laminated water”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I would be so with them. That’s the kind of pretending I used to do all the time.


  2. Kris Said on:

    Brilliant idea… and brilliant title!


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Love the idea!


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