No Photo Sunday

December 8, 2013


Here’s just a list from the day:

Lloyd had services at the local nursing homes. He did a very nice job. Different guys from church take turns holding two small services – one at the east wing and one at the west. The church office puts the order of service together and he just has to do a short sermon, emphasis on ‘short’ because everyone there is sleeping through the whole service. We had a bunch of snow overnight and the song leader lady called to say she couldn’t make it, so I did that. Again, it’s not very nerve-wracking because nobody’s expectations are high.

After that we stopped by Sam & Rachel’s to see if they were enjoying our first snow, then home for chili and a long winter’s nap.  Ahhhh….

Then it was a tense drive into Lincoln for Lloyd’s staff party. (Tense for me. The roads weren’t horrible but it only takes a little bit of snow to make vehicles slide, so I am a Nervous Nellie now. Awesome.)  We arrived without incident and had a good time. Free food and beverages?? Sign me up.

The only downside is that Lloyd upgraded to iOS7 on his iPad and something went wonky. Now it won’t recognize his password and he has to do a factory reset. A moment of silence as he is about to lose all the information on there.



Now go have a great Monday!

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6 Responses to “No Photo Sunday”

  1. CousinRachel Said on:

    Thanks for the “check-in” yesterday. We like the snow, but are a little disappointed. Because it is so cold the snow isn’t good for much. What fun is snow if you can’t make and throw snowballs?


  2. Brad Said on:

    I haven’t upgraded my iPad yet. Now I’m a little nervous.


  3. Michelle Said on:

    Alisha was at Christmas at Concordia Sat. night. Rode the train out. The roads would have been worse had Madrid and I come with her!! 🙂
    She is probably in Denver now and will work tomorrow, oh to be young.


    • Lauren's mom Said on:

      We got an e-mail from Concordia that said 3000 tickets sold out in a little over an hour!
      Lauren, did you plan piano or guitar or sing to lead at the nursing home?


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Emphasis on “short” sermon because everyone is sleeping….HAHA! I laughed out loud.

    And as you know, we had our 1st snow yesterday too….and it was a good, healthy snow….not a light dusting that we often get. We got 8 inches in my county. I napped too!


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