Ralph had an oops.

December 15, 2013


The boy cats like to jump up to the space above the bathroom closet. (Emme is too chicken.) It’s quite a jump for Wally, but it’s especially impressive for Ralph because he is so tall. He has to clear the distance and not smack his head on the ceiling.

This morning Lloyd went in the guest bathroom to check his tie, and I heard a little ‘boom’. He said that Ralph missed the jump and landed on the floor. I went in to comfort him like a little baby check on him, and he was back up on the half wall, thinking about trying it again. You could tell he was shaken – he’d circle around, aim his body, pause, circle around, pause – then he finally jumped. He cleared it the best he’d ever done! All four paws on the top – no back feet on the wall! I praised him, then looked at…

a tiny drip…

on the wall…

and the sink had not been used.

There were also some little drops about the bathroom.

*gasp* No!

Yep. Ralph had peed himself a little during his fall.

Zoinks. I never thought I’d have to wipe a cat’s butt.



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2 Responses to “Ralph had an oops.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Nice action shot. I’m amazed they can make that jump. It’s really far!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Ralph, you are so cute! And I am oh so impressed with this feat!! It.is.amazing!! Are you sure your cats aren’t part flying reindeer?


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