Minds. Blown.

December 20, 2013


It was Festive Sweater day at school today! Our director had been to a meeting where it was a suggestion for encouraging holiday cheer among staff, and I was all over it because, as you remember, I have a sweather! (Well, Lloyd’s sweather, if you’ll click the link.)

I donned a Santa hat, put some batteries in the switches, and proceeded to have thirty preschoolers tell me, “Your sweater has lights on it!” over and over and over. I had one string of lights set to ‘steady’, the other to ‘flashing’.

We have little twin three-year-olds in the other preschool room, and they had arrived late so they didn’t see me in the early morning. They come to my room for nap, and when I woke one of them up to take him to the bathroom, he stared at my flashing torso and was spellbound. I looked up at my friend Kate and whispered, “I just blew his mind.”

Later I was passing one of the kindergarteners and she gaped and said, “How are you doing that?”

Yessir. This sweater is magic! Happy Saturday!

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7 Responses to “Minds. Blown.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! I laughed out loud at the responses.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Teachers are amazing, magical beings and this is just further proof!

    Way to blow minds!


  3. Gretchen Said on:

    I kind of sped-read (past tense of speed read) through this but came to an abrupt stop at the word SWITCHES in the second paragraph. In the Netherlands Sinter Klaas gives bad children sticks (switches) so for a second I was a bit confused.


  4. Lauren's dad Said on:

    It took me a while. The kindergartener noticed that you weren’t walking on your arms and shoulders. Lights are on the shoes they wear. Right?


  5. Kristi Said on:

    You’re a walking mind-bomb.


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