Cat Shaming

January 26, 2014

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I am posting this too soon. I wanted more photos and I want to re-take Emme’s greeting photo so she doesn’t look like a demon-possessed cat, but it is what it is. This is going up early because my finger makes typing difficult and this was already in ‘draft posts’.

Happy Monday.






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5 Responses to “Cat Shaming”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    HAHAHAHA!! LOVED these! And thanks for the morning laugh….I needed that.

    And oh dear….your poor finger. Ya just never realize how great it is to have all your fingers pain free until one of them is out of commission. (When I worked at the bank, I shut my finger in a vault door & Owie! I wore one of those cage things on it because I couldn’t stand to have it touch anything)


  2. Brad Said on:

    Haha! I like the expression on Emme’s face in her butt-greeting picture.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    What if people were to re-enact those photos? Can you photoshop Lloyd in there?


  4. CousinRachel Said on:

    Love the last one!!!


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