Enough, Friday.

February 14, 2014


I drank a lot of coffee.
Valentine’s day went surprisingly well.
At 10:30 I hit a wall.
I drank more coffee.
At noon I had a stomachache.
At three the coffee kicked in.
I brought Lloyd a pizza after work.
The crust was undercooked.
The thermostat was broken, the house was cold.
The cats broke into a package of Girl Items and scattered them throughout the house.
Wally got into my bag shopping bag of Valentines stuff, got his head stuck in the handle, and ran all over the house like lightning trying to escape it.
Cleaned up that mess.
Too tired to write paragraphs.


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Lauren Sommerer is a preschool teacher who likes to build prototypes, grow cats, cook things once, save money, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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4 Responses to “Enough, Friday.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Could you get to sleep? If I drink coffee too late, I have trouble sleeping.


    • Lauren Said on:

      I had a very hard time falling asleep, which was ironic because I had been so tired during the day. Watched tv until 10:30, read until after midnight. Bleh.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    This post would make a great country song! Now let me go back & read it with a southern twang.

    (And Hehe….poor Wally.)


  3. Kristi Said on:

    Happy Sleeping on Saturday!


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