Saturday oversight

March 15, 2014


So, since Friday nights seem to be ‘collapse on the sofa and fall asleep before making a post’ nights, maybe I’ll just skip those.

Let me leave you with a playground story: young Billy (not his real name) was running around the playground, wielding a large piece of mulch as if it were a knife.

Me: It looks like you’re using that like a knife. (I am Zero Fun, remember?)
Billy: (in his slushy, squeaky voice) It’s for cutting pegs.
Me: Why do you want to do that?
Billy (exasperated): Because there’s meat in them.

Oh. Pigs.

Happy Saturday!

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3 Responses to “Saturday oversight”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    So little Billy is a farmer! I’ll take a side of bacon Billy.

    (I fell asleep in my recliner last night watching tv around 7:30; I got up & went to bed at 8:45…I used to make fun of my grandmother for such behavior & I’m a good 20 years younger than she was; pitiful)


  2. Kristi Said on:

    He must be training for future episodes of Survivor.


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