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One way

May 31, 2018



Every so often I find myself walking to or from work. At the last center, I had an endless choice of routes to take. This map doesn’t even take alleys into account. Now? Now there is one way I can take if I don’t want to backtrack. One. Way.

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How was it only a Wednesday?

May 30, 2018


We had a pretty big thunderstorm last night when I was falling asleep, so it took a while to zonk out. This morning some of the school-age children helped me bail out parts of the playground that were full of water. Then, of course, we had the day, and now I am very tired. Didn’t […]

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… and I didn’t get out of my pajamas.

May 28, 2018

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So, it was a pretty low-key Memorial Day. I woke up, made a Council Fire (that’s what I call morning fire), then worked on getting some things done. I folded a bunch of laundry and actually put it away. Then I worked on the foam that goes in the cart that hauls the ceramic communion […]

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Sunday Report

May 28, 2018


Sunday was very pleasant. We went to the late service at church, then picked up Annette and Mark to drive out to Kearney, Nebraska to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA). They are installing a Marxhausen exhibit there and it was a little humbling to see such an enormous space filled with art from this […]

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Birthday Fun and a bunch of links

May 26, 2018



First of all, Happy Birthday to Lloyd’s Mom! (Hopefully we have the correct date on this one. 🙂 ) Saturday was my friend Annette’s birthday, and a while back she asked if I wanted to go to see the musical Wicked with her. Did I? DID I?? The answer was a resounding ‘yes’! My brother […]

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Good night

May 24, 2018

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I forgot to write a post. Here’s an old photo of Lloyd and Ralph’s nightly ritual – skritches while completely in a box.

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