September 17, 2018


As promised, here are some photos.  One of our retired art professors found some art panels that used to be in the old narthex in the late 70s / early 80s (made by Marxhausen).  My contribution to the celebration was to bring them over and set them up.   Here is the most interesting one, I think. (You can see a lady looking at the backside. It has a bunch of old interesting food labels.)

The silver color between the wood and rectangles is made up of address plates  that were used to stamp newsletters or mail long ago. It has a lot of names of people in the congregation that are still there.  People enjoyed looking at that one.

The our professor who found the panels at church happens to be the man who helped contribute a lot of the art that is actually in the sanctuary.  He designed the altar, pulpit and baptismal font. He did not want to speak at this event but was cornered by lots of people who were asking him questions, so he actually spoke before the program. We found a mike for him and he gave a little talk. It was wonderful.

After that I went to my friend Kate’s birthday party, thrown by her children. It was charming and wonderful and delightful and I’m so glad they did that for her.

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  1. Gretchen Said on:

    Is that Wolfram? Or Dynnesn?
    I took one art class at Concordia -- The Christian Faith in Art and Architecture -- and it was one of the most memorable classes. Wolfram was the prof and he was amazing.


  2. Brad Said on:

    The art in your sanctuary is amazing. I enjoy it every time I visit. Do you know if Wolfram sells any of his stuff? It would be fun to have one of his pieces.


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