Best $28 I ever spent

September 21, 2018


Lloyd stayed home yesterday and missed his meeting, but I think he’s on the mend. Here’s hopin’.

We have had some playground renovations at school. We lost a couple of our specific play areas but have added a couple of new ones. A guy gave me some platform/pallets a while back, and I bought some fake grass to put on top so we could have our Animal Spot back. We got it done yesterday and it turned out just fine.

The other platform is being used as a temporary sidewalk out back, so I had a lot of leftover fake grass. We cut it up into various shapes and have played with it in the classroom, and it’s great. If there is anything I can share with early childhood teachers, it’s that hardware/home improvement stores are your best resource.



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2 Responses to “Best $28 I ever spent”

  1. Brad Said on:

    How fun! And it was just something from the hardware store. It would be interesting to see what the kids would do with a nice mid-range reciprocating saw.


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