Toaster Update

June 14, 2019


So, the toaster is in the shop. Since Brad is here, I thought it would be nice to leave the truck around for him to use, and I was certain that the previous issue with the little toaster (not the toaster oven) was a fluke.

It was not.

I drove it up the street, and ten feet from the stop sign it died. I called Lloyd to tell him that there was a problem, and tried to start it again. He said he’d meet me to push it back and I hung up. After trying again, it turned on. I tried to call him back, but had lost my phone in the previous five seconds. Surely I was losing my mind.

Back at home, Lloyd met me sleepily in the driveway and I explained my phone conundrum. He called it, and it had fallen out of my pocket between the car wall and the battery/seat wall. It took two sticks, some duct tape, and finally a grabber to get it out.

So there’s that. Lloyd put it on the trailer and hauled it to a repair guy. The guy said he’d never seen its like before and said he was going to have to say that something was really, really wrong so that we’d sell it to him. We’ll see how it all goes.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I’ll be curious to see it running. I’ve heard so much about it.


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