A different kind of fourth

July 4, 2019


Many things were different about this Fourth of July. The first was, the toaster is working! I gave friends a ride to two different places, and even a few strangers. I put some American flag stickers all over it, and when I first drove around town a man complained to me about the parking situation as if I were in charge. I should’ve milked that. I gave a ride to a guy who bought a large wooden sculpture, and he offered to pay me. I turned him down, like an idiot.

Later in the day, the toaster came in handy when Deborah needed to go to the emergency room. She twisted her ankle early in the morning and since she has the pain threshold of a warrior (edited to not say ‘worrier’), she thought she was fine and walked on it. Around noon she realize she should maybe go to the emergency room, and what better way to go then in a funny car?

As it turns out, they are not certain if it is broken. They took an X-ray, but they are going to need to do some more imaging to know for sure. She will wait to do it this weekend when there is more than one doctor staffed for 50,000 people. Who came up with that schedule?

The rest of the day was just fine. The parade went well, the dinner afterward was wonderful, and the weather was great. I am writing this using voice to text as I lay in a hammock in my basement, hiding from the Noisey fireworks. Ralph is on my lap so it’s really pretty good.

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6 Responses to “A different kind of fourth”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    Thank you, Lauren for taking care of me. Going to the ER in the Toaster was the only way to go!

    That hammock in the basement is a great idea. They were still going off at 1 a.m. Apparently those people’s third grade teacher did not repeatedly tell them, “What you do affects other people. What you do affects other people. . .”


  2. Mom Said on:

    Looking forward to seeing you. Why were you hiding? Does the noise bother you or Ralph?


    • Lauren Said on:

      I don’t care for the noise. It is continuously concussive for hours. I know it bothers pets, children and older people, so the whole thing bugs me. Pretty, sparkly fireworks? Yes, please. 🙂


  3. Brad Said on:

    Toaster to the Rescue -- you were like a superhero yesterday. You should have had a cape on.


  4. Deborah Said on:

    I was able to see the doctor today, and I do not have a fracture. Woohoo! Thank you, Jesus!


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