Weekend Wrap-up

July 7, 2019


We had the annual reunion down at Heit’s Point this weekend. Lloyd and I drove down on Friday after we said goodbye to Brad. We took an alternate route since some roads are still ruined from this year’s flooding, so we got there a little late.

We arrived in time to do some documenting of some bathroom improvements at the pavilion. Sam and his brother installed some handrails. Such excitement!

Later that night, a frog jumped on my head from the railing and freaked me out pretty hard core. Rachel (Happy Birthday, Rachel!) saved me by getting it out of my sweatshirt hood and safely over to the grass. Whew.

Later still, I backed into Anna’s car. It’s just a scratch, but that was the low point of the weekend.

The next day, I laughed at how I brought my ‘Mrs. Sommerer’ travel mug to a place that was jam-packedwith Mrs. Sommerers. Hee hee!

Hey, there’s Rachel again. Today is her birthday!

Later on Saturday, Sam, Rachel, Anna and Gracen took me to the creek for the annual crawdad hunt. Right before we went to the creek, I got stung by a wasp. It was a surprise burst of tiny hot pain, but Rachel (Happy Birthday, Rachel!) came to the rescue with some ice. It healed it right up.

The creek was wonderful. I point at crawdads, everyone else catches them, then they are released later on. It is cool and peaceful and the best part of the day. When we were leaving, Sam suggested we make some cairns. Anna and I obliged. Next year, we need to make many more!

Happy Monday, everyone. Happy Birthday, Rachel! (And Happy Birthday tomorrow to my sister-in-law, Rachel! What are the chances?)

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One Response to “Weekend Wrap-up”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    I’m glad the wasp sting healed quickly. Those things can get away from you.
    I love the pictures of the Mrs. Sommerers. Hilarious!
    I have a new appreciation of handrails. Some were on sale at Menards yesterday and I almost bought one.

    Happy birthday, Rachels!


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