There are no guarantees

July 9, 2019


Happy Birthday, Rachel! (My sister-in-law. Convenient of those two to plan it this way, huh?)

Work life is not terrible right now, but home stuff is getting me down. I have a tree in the backyard with a branch that hangs over my neighbor’s pool. It freaks me out every time we have a big windstorm. I contacted a tree guy last fall and he gave me a quote, but never got back to me. I contacted another tree guy, and he has put me off for nearly two weeks. My neighbor is switching out their pool, so the timing is kind of critical. If the tree guy doesn’t come today (like he promised), I don’t know what to do.

Also, the bats are back. Going up and down the stairs I heard a weird sound, and sure enough, there is something in the attic. Dangnabit! We spent all that money and it didn’t work, now when he comes back, there will be weeks that need to go by so the baby bats can leave. Plus, that is more stuff stinking up my already stinky house, plus, all the dust that’s all over to kill those bugs is kind of useless, since their primary feeding source has returned.

Soooo….. can I burn my own house down and not go to jail? I’m only half kidding.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Ack! Sorry about the bats. Maybe some new construction thing really is the answer. Remove the roof? Maybe it could be the opportunity to put in cool features, like secret rooms… or a slide from the second floor to the first floor. Seriously though, you’re in my prayers. This has been such a long-term frustration.


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