That hurts my feelings a little bit.

September 5, 2019


Sometimes I look up people when I’m bored. I googled ‘Lloyd Sommerer’ and weirdly came across this:

It’s some dude’s presentation about Attention, the third in his series. (I think it’s for a college course.) He diligently cited all of the images used in his presentation, and this was the image from our website:



I glanced at his slides and he is using this screenshot as an illustration for how busy our lives get and how we need to be mindful of time blah blah blah. That hurts my feelings a little bit, but then I tracked down the post:

It’s one that Lloyd wrote. (Remember those?) Lloyd was so close to having 100,000 unread emails on his phone back in 2015.

Such a tiny, tiny number. Let’s look at mine today:

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Wow! My unread email is not on my phone. I always use a browser to access it. I only have 11,130 unread emails.


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