Exhaustive fretting

November 27, 2019


CDC implemented a new policy that if local schools have a late start or no school due to snow, we would open at 7:30. That’s all well and good, but we’re having a snow event right now and the local schools are out anyway for Thanksgiving. My director is on vacation, but was still checking in with the forecast. It was an evening of checking the 511 site, the weather websites and asking local people their advice. Finally she called the late start, and I notice that other child care centers have followed suit.

My problem? I left a note on the center’s front door that said, “If this door is locked, we are having a late start.” However, I was the last one out of the building and am not 100% sure that I locked the door……… Awesome.

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One Response to “Exhaustive fretting”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Hopefully they just all stayed at home.
    The news has made it sound like a snow-pocalypse.


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