So gross.

December 9, 2019


I love pickled beets. Do you? I hope so. They are a delightful treat, causing pink stains of joy wherever they go. I usually buy mine in a can, since they’re cheaper that way.

See this batch?

See what’s wrong?

I didn’t. Not before my first bite.

Have you ever eaten plain beets? They are disgusting.

(I made a pickling solution and poured it over them. It seemed to fix them,)

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2 Responses to “So gross.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I’ve done that before. I like pickled beets too!


  2. Kristi Said on:

    We grow beets in our garden, so I pickled some this year. I used the recipe that my parents like. I myself don’t care for them, but I’ll gladly make them for somebody else…just to get them out of my house.

    Come on up, and I’ll give you loads of pickled beets.


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