Another fine day

December 26, 2019


Today was a very nice day because it was filled with shopping! I didn’t buy much, but I went so many places! Beth, Deborah and I went to Walmart early in the morning so that they could score some good after-Christmas deals. (I scored some after-Christmas English muffin bread.) Then we went to our local thrift store where I bought some hilarious fox pajamas to wear for school pajama days. (Our mascot is the fox.) I’d show a picture but this website won’t let me upload photo right now. Hmmmm….

Then we picked up Brad and went to Lincoln. We stopped at Home Depot, Menard’s, and then the mall. Again, I didn’t buy much, but it was fun being out…. on a Thursday! Back home, Brad and I took short naps and then he was off for the big Royuk gathering and I went over to Deborah’s to help with a little home project we also daydreamed about things to do to change her kitchen around. Afterward, we went to dinner. Ahhhhh…… what a nice day.

Tomorrow? Well, tomorrow I go back to work. Rats. That’s ok. I have the memories of today to carry me through!

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2 Responses to “Another fine day”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Sorry about work. I slept in in memory of you. 🙂


  2. Mark Sommerer Said on:

    Forget Walmart’s perpetual shelf-outtages, cuz. They are more focused these days on curbside and home delivery. Beware of Walmart “bargains” actually being priced higher than the everyday prices usually are.

    Target is better stocked, better selection, real bargains.
    I worked at Walmart once, some years back. Walmart is Always Is Out of Stock on certain products to leave you no choice except on higher price products. Just sayin’.


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