Dang. It’s going to have to be a two-parter. Maybe three.

January 7, 2020


So, I wanted to show you one of the tiny steps toward repainting the downstairs bathroom, but it occurs to me that I never wrote about why this job is necessary. EDIT: I had a vague recollection of writing this down before, but when I searched for it I couldn’t find it. It turns out that I did write about this in October. Feel free to skip.

Many weeks ago, I was… wait, how much do you want to know? I guess all of it, so get ready to be grossed out.

One of the therapies for my dry eyes is to wear a heated mask for about ten minutes to loosen up the oil that is clogged. (See? Already gross.) Foolish Lauren thought that she could multi-task one night and wear it while getting ready for bed. Blindfolded, I brushed my teeth, got in to my jammies, and used the toilet. Upon flushing, I realized that it was not making the normal sounds, so I went to the door to tell Lloyd that the toilet was clogged, and that it was his fault. (That happens with our plumbing. If someone – Lloyd – goes #2 and doesn’t check if it all goes down, someone else – Lauren – has to deal with it after going #1. Lauren hates this system.)

I stood there, self-righteously blindfolded like Justice herself, not realizing that the toilet, which usually stops rising at the rim, was pouring water all over the bathroom. Zoinks!

Lloyd and I worked frantically to stop the water and then clean up the mess. It was gross and took way too long, but then I realized that it was enough water to probably seep into the downstairs bathroom. Sure enough, there was a water line across the ceiling and water had filled the light fixture. There was a terse exchange of words as we tried to get the globe off the tricky thing.

Cut ahead to a week or so, and I bought some ceiling spray paint to fix the discolored line. I even taped newspaper onto the wall to catch any overspray from the can. I started to spray……. and realized that a bright white line of new paint was going to look terrible against my dingy ceiling Dang it. I thought, “Maybe there’s enough paint in this can to do the whole ceiling!” I started to spray willy-nilly around….. and got spray paint on the brown walls. It’s not even regular latex that you can wipe off. Nope. Permanent spots of paint.

Dang it.

This room needs an overhaul.

End of part one.

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