Maui Photo Dump

February 10, 2020


Ok, we’re home. I was pretty drugged for the flight but sleeping overnight while sitting upright was uncomfortable, so once we got home I showered and zonked out for a good long time. Now I’m just going to throw together a bunch of photos in semi-chronological order.

Getting ready to fly away, or as I like to call it: Samith and the Group Nine Boarding Band!

Samith got to board first.
Lloyd is ‘finishing’ his lesson plans before we leave. Beth is excited to fly! (Ha ha ha!)

In Dallas, there is a tram that takes you around the airport to get to the different terminals. We were in the front car, so it was like a mini super-low-key roller coaster ride.

The plane from Omaha to Dallas was pretty standard, but the flight to Maui and back had very entertaining seats. They had video screens with movies, games, flight information and seat-to-seat chatting.

Drugs are totally the way to go. I was groggy, but absolutely didn’t care if we were going to die or not.

Once in Maui, we surprised Brad, had our lovely dinner in the rain:

On our way to the restaurant.

…. then went to bed. Lloyd, Samith and I stayed in a condo about ten minutes from Brad’s. We would wake up around 4 and have a few hours to ourselves. First there was sitting and drinking coffee in the dark:

I really had to edit this photo so it wouldn’t look so dark.

Then our sunrise walks on the beach. Sometimes we met up with the other crew, sometimes we were on our own.

Residual drugs were the bomb. I can now look across the ocean.

Most of Lloyd’s photos from that are videos, so I don’t have them all. Here’s a screenshot from when the turtles were so close.

Friday we went up to the volcano, and it was windy, cold and very interesting! There was some dumb kid running around with no shoes at some point because his shoes were soaking wet in his car.

There is a spot by one parking lot where people like to have their photo taken since it looks like you are floating in the sky. Here is one where you can tell we are on the ground:

…. and here’s the boys’ album cover:

Here’s one that includes Beth, too. 🙂

On the way back down, we stopped at a distillery that makes vodka, rum and gin from local sugar cane. They do it up right: a little tour, then a little tasting, then you’re a bit liquored up to visit the gift shop and buy their wares.

The grounds were beautiful. Did you know that sugar cane is just a tall, wild grass? We looked around on the edge of the property.

Back to Brad’s for a birthday celebration with some friends from his work. Everything was fun and delicious!

This is a rum cake his mom made and it was AMAZING.

Back home to conk out, rise early, make coffee, walk on the beach, then begin another day of fun. We went to a big ol’ swap meet, which reminded me of Seward on the Fourth only not as crammed with people, and far more ukuleles.

Then we had lunch at the fish market, which was delicious!

The little town of Pa’ia was lovely. Here’s a screenshot of what that artist makes:

Lloyd liked some other artist’s work, too. There’s a Brad for scale:

We make a stop to see the turtles that like to sleep on the beach. Ahhh…. the cats of the sea….

Then we had our lovely naps and watched the sunset on the beach. This is when whales hang out around Maui, so there we saw lots of whale activity, then the shark RIGHT BY THE SHORE.

The place where we had dinner was cool and wonderful, but I didn’t get enough photos. Here’s one of Brad with his Birthday Pretzel 🙂

Sunday morning was a lovely church service and a look around Brad’s school. Then we drove to Lahaina to see the big banyan tree and fill Lloyd full of enough shave ice to last him until summer.

Just looking around at the ocean.

It was a lovely visit, and now we’re back to our regularly scheduled program. Thank you, Brad! Thank you, Maui!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I love all the pictures! It was such a fun, fun visit. Thank you so much for coming! You guys rock!


    • Mom Said on:

      Glad you put the before picture of the ground while standing in the clouds. I would have thought for sure that they were going to step off the cliff! Loved all the pictures.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    What a great trip!!!! So glad that you all could surprise Brad!!!


  3. Keren Said on:

    I love the photo of you and the cats of the sea. I am also mightily impressed that you flew across the Pacific Ocean to celebrate Brad’s 50th birthday. You are amazing.


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