Unappealing frozen milk

February 12, 2020


So, after the grand success of the defrosted freezer, I remembered that I wanted to freeze some milk. (See, Brad? I told you there was more to the story.) I thought that pouring a little into a snack baggie would be the easiest way to do it, but then I saw the silicone mold sitting on the counter.

Why do I have this mold? It’s from my lotion-bar making days. Why was it out on the counter? Because before we went to Maui, I wondered if I should take along some laundry detergent. I knew the condo had a washer and dryer, but was uncertain about the detergent situation. I wondered if I could make ‘cookies’ and take them along, since – as Brad has taught us – open containers of weird powders get you pulled aside and patted down.

I tested the detergent. It was quite interesting!

They dried wonderfully and are crazy beautiful from the patterns on the mold, but they are quite hard.

I crumbled them up to use them, but should test what happens if I just toss them in with a load. (I have a front-load washer with a detergent dispenser, so putting them in with the the actual laundry might work?) The most interesting thing was how the colors separated – there is a light blue coating and a grainy dark blue interior. Fascinating! (Brad, this is one of the things I was doing and couldn’t post about.)

Ok, back to the milk. I thought a beautiful cookie of milk would be so lovely to use! I poured the milk into the (thoroughly washed) mold, froze them, and……


What is going on with that milk? Why is it…. yellow? Will it be fine when it’s thawed? Will I care if it is mixed with coffee?

At least the design is pretty.

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    Did you try it? Was it ok?


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