“Mom, I need a costume for the school….. er, distance-learning play today.”

March 17, 2020


Everyone is moving to distance learning. Lincoln Lutheran since Monday and Seward schools starting now. My brain hurts, so let’s tell an amusing story from this morning. Lloyd and I like to leave the house about 6:30. At 6:02, he hollered down the stairs, “I need you to make a box into an ‘On Air’ sign that can light up.”

Um, ok.

I gulped my coffee and got into genie mode.

Poof. His wish his my command. I told him he was so lucky. He replied, “Yeah, I’d feel bad, but you live for this kind of stuff.” He’s not wrong.

I had him send a photo during the day. I didn’t realize it would be a side angle – the rest of the box needs to be painted black.

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2 Responses to ““Mom, I need a costume for the school….. er, distance-learning play today.””

  1. Brad Said on:

    I am worried about going to a distance learning situation. I can’t imagine how that would even work. Do I find a bunch of worksheets for them to do?
    It’s a possibility after spring break is over though. I guess I should start thinking about it.


  2. Rachel Said on:

    Poof! If Sam had asked me that, at that time of the morning, I would have said a whole lot more than, Poof! And his box would not have been as nice, if he even got a box! Way to go Lauren!! (I am now sending all of Sam’s emergency requests your way.)


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