Lloyd’s Lair

March 23, 2020


So, we gathered again online to watch Beth’s daughter’s concert (there was some difficulty on Sunday evening), and it was lovely! That is a blessing of technology during this craziness. 🙂

Speaking of technology, Lloyd has moved his stuff from Lincoln Lutheran to the house. He wanted to set up in the basement, and who am I to come between an evil mastermind and his lair?

The lair was pretty messy. I forgot to take a proper ‘before’ photo, so imagine a coffee table piled high with books and boxes, and yet more boxes of junk all over.

We took the old top to our old dining room table and made a respectable giant desk with sawhorses. Ralph sang in the spotlight.

(Russian accent) “MEHH-mreees. All alone in the Moohn-light…..”

There is a fair amount of stuff on that table now.

Then, he had to go all out.

It looks so dark, but it’s actually bright enough without the umbrella lights. Plus, the cats will eat them if they stay.

Me? I relaxed for a while in the swingy bed.

Look at all that junk. Someone needs to clean it.

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3 Responses to “Lloyd’s Lair”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Looks like a great setup. All those books make such a studious background! ?


  2. Mom Said on:

    You are being very productive. Wish I had your gumption.


  3. Jill Said on:

    Excellent lair. Very impressive.


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