A warm day.

March 26, 2020


So, one thing to come out of this is that I see lots of people/families out for walks. They are still keeping their distance from others as they pass, but it’s nice to see people out.

I have learned that uploading my videos to SeeSaw goes so much faster at the house, so I saved that task for the late afternoon. I came home to upload stuff and Lloyd said, “Want to go for a walk?” What? A walk?

So we did. We made a big loop and walked for what seemed like 20 miles but was probably closer to 1 1/2. We walked by a neighborhood where someone wrote encouraging things and Bible verses in a beautiful, hand-written ‘font’, but we didn’t take a picture. At the end, my legs were a little itchy, but it was good. Good to be outside and not staring at a screen. (I am doing so much video editing lately. That needs to change.)

Have a good Thursday, y’all! Wash those hands!

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