Surprisingly productive

March 29, 2020


I have been coming home from work around 4/4:30 at the end of the week because it’s easier to upload videos with our internet, and it’s been so weird having so much more time at home. My lay-around time has been topped up during the week, so Saturday was actually fairly productive. I did some laundry, Lloyd and I cleaned upstairs, and I started (emphasis on ‘started’) a couple of projects.

The dining room chairs have been in sorry shape for years. I have some canvas that I dyed for Sam’s Gandalf costume, but didn’t use, so the goal is to re-cover the seats. On Saturday, I did one. One out of six. That’s pretty good for me.

Note the holes and wear spots.
They’ll be grey, but the fabric is free.

Also, I have been talking about scraping my trim for simply forever, and I guess this is when it should happen. I set a timer for five minutes and started on the dining room window. (I don’t want to scrape the whole thing, just the peeling bits.) I lasted four minutes. I really don’t want to do this.

Finally, I had given my students an assignment on Friday: our town is having a Window Easter Egg Hunt from this Monday until Easter, and people are invited to create an Easter egg or two and put it in their windows. That way, when people are out for a walk, they’ll have something to see. I hadn’t made my own yet, and got kind of lazy. I realized that I have hundreds of gift bags, and that I could just cut those up. Laziness for the win!

Today, Sunday, is actually sunny, so I might cut some vegetation down on the side of the house that faces the neighbors. We’ll just see about that…….

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2 Responses to “Surprisingly productive”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Hehe… that is exactly the kind of grey I would choose on purpose. There should be a paint color called “Gandalf the Grey”.


  2. Mom Said on:

    Love your Easter Eggs. Glad your kids are doing this.


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