I started a thing.

July 12, 2020


Holy cow! I used speech-to-text to write this last night and got distracted before uploading it. If you read it earlier, sorry for the many, many hilarious typos. On to our story:

Remember way back in January when I started a list of things to do? I broke every job down into the tiny little jobs that needed to happen before the big job could be done? Well, I threw that list away last week. It was laughable, considering how the world has changed since January.

However, I am making steps toward painting Brad‘s room. He is a fan of cool neutrals, and since he is the only one that uses that room, he should get to pick the color. I am working on all the little jobs before I can paint the walls. I took the screws out of the wall and patched the holes, patched the crack in the ceiling, and then painted over the clouds.

I believe I painted those clouds in my 20s. It was a little odd painting over some of the home’s history, but I didn’t feel too bad about it since I can’t really remember doing it in the first place. I needed a website back then. Stupid hindsight.

‘Bye, clouds…..

Anyway, one step further along!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Good for you! I’m excited to see the finished product! And you’re inspiring me. Maybe I’ll paint my kitchen ceiling today…


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