A pebble in my shoe

August 5, 2020


Many, many things in my small world are troubling, and they are troubling over and over. The paper towel dispenser at the center are crap. They jammed repeatedly, they were replaced, they jammed, then for a blissful few months (thanks, COVID), I didn’t have to unjam them. Lately, it has jammed more.

Yesterday, I replaced it with one of the new spares.

Two minutes later, it jammed. I did not cry in front of the children.

Early this morning, I took it off the wall and moved it ten inches to the left. Hopefully this will help the children pull the paper straight down, and not at an angle.

If it jams, I will cry.

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One Response to “A pebble in my shoe”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ugh. Our bathroom dispensers tear off too far up, and then you have to turn the handle thingie to get the paper to come out, but then you’ve touched something, and your freshly washed hands are contaminated again.

    In my classroom, I have a center-pull dispenser. It works pretty well, except for sometimes giving too many paper towels before tearing off. And I think the center-pull towels are more expensive than other kinds.


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