My kingdom is very tiny.

September 21, 2020


At my sister’s job, she has some co-workers who act as though their little world is incredibly important, and they get a sense of power from being unkind to others. So wrong. Keren’s comment that they don’t realize their kingdom is very tiny really struck me. It helps me keep perspective to remember that there is an enormous world out there, and what I am dealing with is actually just a small piece.

With that being said, my kingdom is making me crazy. I think I’ve vented before about how I am living in Groundhog Day. Each day seems to be the same as the previous, and the part that is wearing on my soul is how the small things that I think I’ve solved remain problems.

This is the ‘cliffhanger’ regarding the phone. It’s not really a good story. Due to COVID, we have to have a way for parents to text us from the outside gate at pick-up time so we can walk their child out, and my method is a pre-paid flip phone. It mostly works, but I get a lot of spam calls. I dug around in the ‘sounds’ file and figured out how to turn off the volume for the calls and crank it for the texts. (Parents text us.) This caused it’s own little set of problems, and then I realized that if you pick up the phone and accidentally squeeze the volume buttons on the side, the ringer comes back on. I discovered this at naptime when a spam call shattered the calm.

So, to solve it, I built up a volume-button-blocking wall of hot glue. This is the second hot glue modification to this stupid phone. (The first was to put a glob on the back so the ‘ring’ speaker isn’t on the counter and isn’t muffled.)

The other part of that day involved a different situation – somebody reloaded our container of disinfectant that attaches to a special dispenser…… but they used a jug of laundry detergent. It was an hour of my day cleaning out the dispenser and changing out everyone’s sprayer. It wasn’t a great day.

However, as with all bad days, it passed. Thank goodness for that.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Oh my! The detergent-in-the-sanitizer-dispenser thing made me gasp.

    May your kingdom be trouble-free today!


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