October 11, 2020


I got a bunch of stuff done this weekend, and hopefully I will remember to post about them this week. Today: my magical dirt-making powers.

You might remember the genius placement of my compost pile/bucket/bottomless trash can? Well, it was super-successful! Today I cut off the bottom of another can to move the current compost to. (To which to move? Correct grammar is hard.) Apparently compost is supposed to ‘finish’ before you use it, but whatever – my window bucket was getting full.

New bucket front, old bucket back. Weedy yard is a bonus.

I moved the dry weeds on the top to the new one, and uncovered……

Woo-hoo! Lookie there! I Such rich loam! pulled the bucket off for easier moving.

I only know of one other Being who does this better. Um, is that lightning getting closer?

So, into the new bucket, and I covered it up so it’s not unsightly. Get ‘er done, worms.

PS. If anyone read this before 6 a.m. my time and thought I was a crazy person, it is due to my lack of editing. Stupid autocorrect tries to make me less funny. 🙁

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