A sale and a nephew

November 22, 2020


Lloyd has been working like made with his Tech Squad at school to get ready for their Tech Sale. It was supposed to be last spring, but ya know…. pandemic.

I was on board to help on Saturday, as were Sam and Gracen. It was all COVID-safe. They moved the sale from the commons area to the big gym, and all the tables were around the perimeter of the room, with lots of circulation, a ‘no mask/no enter’ rule and hand sanitizer galore. We arrived early for last-minute arrangements, then opened the doors at 9:00.

It was well attended. There has never been a (6-foot socially distance) line AROUND THE BUILDING before. They came in at 9 and snapped up so much stuff. It was good we were in the gym, because though there were people, it wasn’t crowded – it was just right. Everyone was masked and had no problem using sanitizer, but that’s because we had Sam at the entrance, being the nicest, gentlest, yet ‘don’t mess with me’ bouncer. I was running the credit card checkout, which is Lloyd’s iPad, and it was nice being able to wipe off the screen and my hands after each person because I was supposed to do that. (In past years, I wanted to do it when someone seemed a bit gross, but didn’t want to look like a jerk.)

I was sure we were nearly done, but when I looked at the clock, it had only been an hour. There was a lull from 10:30 – 11:30, so I was able to turn around and look, and the place was gutted. Hardly anything was left. I took some photos of the empty tables, and hopefully I’ll remember to upload them.

After 12:00, most things were half price, so we had another small push of people for about half an hour. It was amazing. My guess is that this year was an anomaly. It’s a pandemic, so people need electronics for home. There are no Black Friday sales, so this had a little feeling of that. It’s right before Christmas, so maybe people were getting upgrades for kids.

In other news, I am writing this as we are waiting for our nephew Jacob to arrive on his way to Colorado! So exciting! I hope it is a safe, uneventful trip!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Sounds like a smashing success! I hope Jacob’s visit is a fun one!


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