Spying on idiots

November 30, 2020


That baby camera that I bought a long time ago sure has come in handy. I spied on garden creatures, baths, and of course, my cats.

I did not get much accomplished over Thanksgiving, which was fine, but I did set up a spy cam in the basement. Every so often the cats yowl down there, and I was curious if they were still crying about using the litter box like they used to when they were babies.

My suspicions were confirmed. Wally does it. He does it a lot. I have photographic evidence that he hollers before he gets in the litter box and while he is in the litter box. “I’m pooping! I’m pooping! Does everybody know?”

I also have some pretty funny footage of fights.

My life is strange.

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One Response to “Spying on idiots”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe Wally’s yelling is therapeutic. Hmmm… mybe we all should try yowling before we use the bathroom.


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