$13 well spent

December 23, 2020


I’m pretty good about using things until long after their best qualities have faded. I tried to fix the sticky keys on my laptop at work and now I don’t have a ‘v’ or an ‘m’, but you can still press the little nubbins under the keys, so I don’t ake istakes ery often. I’ve mentioned my vehicle woes – the toaster dies crossing highways, the truck doesn’t have interior lights, can’t be locked, and spits out the seat belt when it gets cold. The pants that I wear are not fashionable, but still functional. I’m all about utility.

That brings us to my black coat. It’s a reversible (raincoat/corduroy) coat that I bought at Sam’s Club perhaps….15(?) years ago for $13. THIRTEEN DOLLARS. It used to be the First Coat Of The Season before I would break out my heavier coats, but lately I was just so lazy that I’d wear a down vest under it at work and call it good. I knew about its interior failings. It had no Secret Pocket, so years ago I sewed a little bag my sister gave me inside to hold my wallet. The corduroy part holds cat hair like a sofa, so it’s always gross. The pocket lining was starting to fail and I would repeatedly lose my keys and Rage Candy inside the coat, which was a little awkward, but not a deal breaker.

Then Lloyd was hanging up my coat and said, “You know that the hood is starting to come off, right?” I didn’t believe him, then I looked at it.


I was ready to let it go. I cut into the lining to make sure I wasn’t about to throw out any important stuff, then bid it farewell, thanking it for the warmth it provided over the years (Kon-Mari-style), and was headed for the trash can.

“Wait! I can wear it for Council Fire!”

Well, that’s just perfect! Now it hangs by the back door and I don’t need to worry about smoking up any of my other coats. See, little coat? I got you.

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2 Responses to “$13 well spent”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Aww… your coat is like the velveteen rabbit. Just don’t get scarlet fever while you’re wearing it. Then you’d have to burn it.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    I love that smoke smell, but not when it mixes in with my other stuff. Perfect use for that coat. May it wear well for Council Fire!


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