Unexpected project

January 5, 2021


It was a pretty normal day. I forgot my phone at home, which was a pain, but not a big deal. At noon, my director gave me two pieces of news. 1) I needed to turn in my insurance/housing paperwork by tomorrow or there would be problems with my paycheck, and 2) the room where the Marxhausen art resides is scheduled to start turning into a bathroom on Monday. (She just found out about that, too.)

The paperwork thing freaked me out because I was not 100% sure where that paperwork was. (I found it later tonight.) The bathroom thing has been looming in the future, but there was nothing concrete until just now.

GAH!! Too much! Plus, I still had four and a half hours to go with those kiddos before I could work on either of those problems.

Lloyd was on it. Let me see if I can explain. The artwork has to move out of the Future Bathroom, and the plan was to Wall off a portion of the Storage Room (there is a reason for the capitalizations). He/We understood that the Wall would be built first, then move the art, then the Bathroom would begin.

Nope. They’re going to work on it at pretty much the same time. That means that we need to move the art to a Temporary Location until the Wall is complete. So, he bought three shelves from Sam’s Club, and after work we cleared out the Server Room (where the computer brains are kept), assembled the shelves and set them up so we can move the art to this Temporary Location this week.

This is the Server room, all cleaned out.

Ugh. I had other plans. Sitting-around plans.

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2 Responses to “Unexpected project”

  1. Brad Said on:

    You should have just had your kids move all the stuff. They would have had something to do for those four hours, and you would have had free labor!


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Ugh -- the pressures of time and space. Nothing like having both of those thrown at you simultaneously.

    Go get it!


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