Cost per night: $2000

January 18, 2021


I slept in the shed Friday night. I had planned it earlier in the week and had my heart set on it. (I needed to test my incomplete insulation job.)

However, we had a blizzard on Friday – a good old, rip-roaring’ blizzard. It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was a LOT of wind, which was supposed to die down around 6 p.m.

Um, it did not.

I got everything set up, then went out after dinner. It was pretty gusty, but I had all the stuff to keep me warm: sleeping mats, lots of blankets, and a heater if I needed it. (I was determined to not need the heater.) I did pretty well except for trying to figure out how to burrow down and keep my face warm without suffocating. It got down to 28, but it wasn’t terrible.

The bad part was the wind. With each gust I thought, t”This is stupid. I should go inside. Could this thing take off on the skids? That would be cool – like a sled. That oak tree can’t fall, right? Right. But a branch……”

Anyway, I made it and it was fun. Around 4:30 I turned the heater on to 50 degrees so it would be bearable when I got up. The lesson I learned is to not sleep out there on a windy day until I get the ceiling insulation covered. The wind shook down a few bits of mineral wool on my face. Stupid wind…..

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2 Responses to “Cost per night: $2000”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I’d be running that heater like crazy all night long.
    Congrats on your first night in the shed, and here’s to many more fun tweaks!


  2. Kristi Said on:

    You only turned the heater to 50 degrees. You are a tough woman!


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