February 15, 2021


It’s pretty cold here. The highs this weekend were -2 and 0, today is -4. I had council fires the past two days. That reflector was fantastic! The local schools are called off today and might be tomorrow. Kids shouldn’t walk to school in this weather and there is a significant chance that school busses couldn’t start.

(Me? I’m headed to work. We are having our Valentine’s Day event, but since some kids are staying home, we will also have it tomorrow. Oh, and Wednesday for that one kid who comes M/W/F. It’ll be fine. Just fine.)

This weekend it is supposed to get up to 30 degrees. 30! You can bet I’m sleeping’ in that shed. With no blankets. 😉

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I just heard that rolling blackouts are coming. Stay warm!


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