Power plug

February 21, 2021


I’d like to not have to rely on electricity in the shed, but there are times when it has, and will, come in handy. So far there has been an extension cord that runs through the crack in the big double doors, but that crack is letting in the cold.

The solution is a port/plug thing like my toaster (car) uses. You cut a hole in the wall, stick the port in, and then the extension cord can plug into that. At some point, Lloyd will cut off the end and wire it to an actual outlet, because – as you’ve heard him say before – “My dad was an electrician”. (My standard response is, “That is not a hereditary trait.”)

Today the high was 30 degrees, so in that balmy weather, I drilled holes in my shed!

I had to cut away some of my precious insulation.

Looky there! You can see the neighbor’s garage! And also a basketball backboard that is leaning on my tree. Someone should put that in a shed or something.

That black collar slides up to cover the guts of it. These ports are meant for RV’s, and those must have thicker skins than the shed. I’ll need to get some caulk to go around the port, but hey – not bad work for a weekend.

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  1. Keren Said on:

    I like a building you can plug in!


  2. Deborah Said on:

    You’re so handy!


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