Not quite burnin’ down the house

March 7, 2021


If you don’t live in Seward, you don’t know the saga of anticipation, temporary agony, wistful sorrow of an era on its way to bygone days, the open-armed embracing of modern times ……. barf. I can’t do that anymore.

We got a new Dairy Queen a while back. The old one has been put behind a chain-link fence, awaiting demolition. On the way back from Wal-Mart this morning, it was teeming with firefighters, like ants on a toppled jam jar.

We thought they were going to do a controlled burn, but we’re under a high winds/‘red flag’ warning, so they just practiced chopping through the roof. (It was a training exercise.)

Oh, we also went to the new Dairy Queen later in the day. Clean, bright, modern, and completely soulless.

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2 Responses to “Not quite burnin’ down the house”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    I agree, soulless.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I haven’t been inside the new Dairy Queen yet. Now I’m even more curious to see it.


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