Shufflin’ art

March 16, 2021


So, to recap the center’s basement goings-on: In January, work began on a new bathroom in the CDC. The art that was stored in that room needed to move, but there wasn’t a place for it. Lloyd, Sam, Gracen, Anna and I hurriedly put up some shelves in the server room (‘computer brain lair’) and moved the art over there.

A couple of weeks later, sewage flooded the basement and they had to rip out a foot of drywall everywhere to clean the poop out. Ugh.

This past weekend, we moved the art so that the CDC staff could help move a ton of paperwork into the server room. A section of the giant storage room had been walled off for the new space. It’s much smaller – by about 30%.

(Blerg. I’m having so much trouble uploading photos. I think this next one is going to be very small. Sorry about that.) Anyway, we bought some shelving on Saturday and called to the troops to please come help move art. Deborah, Sam, Beth and Curt were great. We put up shelves, moved tables, and moved the bulk of the art into or nearly in the room. Everything was so dusty from the drywall removal and repair (after the poop nightmare).

Sunday after church, Lloyd and I worked for a bit. I hung some pieces from the wall while he did some thinking and shuffling, thinking and shuffling.

It’s nowhere near done, but after a couple of hours I was DONE. We hurriedly moved all of the art into the room so it could be locked and went home.

See? Not a great story.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    It looks really nice. …things on shelves, things hanging on the wall…

    I almost responded to the group text with a joke, but I decided to just let people who could come do the texting.


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