Crisis averted…..for now

March 22, 2021


This weekend I Laurened a solution for the leaking windows in the shed. I bought some rolls of flashing to jam under the roof until someone from the shed company can contact us to fix it.

I bought the rolls on Saturday, but it was too windy to work, so I waited until Sunday. That was stupid, because it was windier than before, and rain was a’comin’ on Monday.

I cut open a roll of flashing.

Once it was unrolled, then I did my math. I agonized that I only bought two 10- foot rolls for my 16-foot roof edge. The original plan was to cut two pieces slightly over 8 feet that could overlap in the middle. That plan would have been great if it weren’t so windy. I just knew one of those pieces would whip about and slice my neck open. I couldn’t figure out a way to piece short lengths together that wouldn’t have seams over the windows, so I just cut a piece in half and rounded the edges for neck safety…..

…..then jammed the first one in on my own.

I didn’t even die! It was surprisingly easy, but I had Lloyd come out and help with the next one. I think we could have even handled the longer piece with the two of us, but it’s too late now.

Anyway, it has been raining all day and they are doing the job. They look terrible, but it’s dry inside. Now I just need the shed people to contact us so this doesn’t become the permanent solution.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I don’t recognize your work area. Is that in your basement?


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