I feel terrible now.

April 27, 2021


Backstory: The Toaster had been parked in front our our entry steps since last fall. (I stopped driving it when it tried to murder me on the highway, if you’ll remember.) However, some little neighbor girls have been riding their scooters on the sidewalk since the weather has warmed up, and I was sure that we were going to back over one of them since the view was blocked. A couple of weeks ago, I moved the Toaster and hacked at the hedge to girl-on-a-scooter shoulder height.

Now the Toaster is at the back end of the driveway, tucked out of sight.

Front story: I have tried to do three little jobs in the shed in the evenings this week, so Saturday won’t be taken up entirely with this job. Tonight, as I was inside, measuring the windows, I heard a little boy’s voice on the sidewalk, over and over: “Whedeyah? Whedeyah? Whedeyah?” I looked out the window and saw a young dad pulling a wagon while also hauling a baby car seat, glancing at my house. I cracked open the shed door to hear, “Where da cahr? Where da cahr?” in a loud, crushed voice.

Dang it! We’re a landmark for little kids on walks! I forgot all about that. Now what? Put it back and risk killing that little girl? Put it in the yard? I think I might just put up a sign that says, “Go pet the car. You won’t be trespassing.”

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2 Responses to “I feel terrible now.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe you could donate it to the city, and they could put it on a public playground. Then kids could pet it all they want! 🙂


  2. Deborah Said on:

    So funny!


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