Let’s talk about Ralph

April 28, 2021


Well, it seems that I can’t have a set of cats without one of them have their urinary system break down. This round – it’s Ralph.

He’s always been a hefty chonker, and over the last year or so, he’s really been sucking down the water in addition to inhaling food. The past few months, it’s become incredibly obvious that he pees A LOT. There are gigantic bricks of pee in the litter boxes daily. (We scoop them daily.)

We finally got around to taking him to the vet. They did some blood work and found out that he is pre-diabetic. Great. We are trying the Food Will Fix It method first, and are feeding him the Incredibly Expensive cat food from the vet. To make sure his idiot siblings don’t eat it, we now feed them separately. Ralph eats in the bathroom with the door shut, both for dry food and the afternoon wet food. Figuring out how to keep everyone apart isn’t a problem for the dry stuff, but for the canned food? Well, we’ve got a ‘system’ now that will really make my left arm really strong.

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2 Responses to “Let’s talk about Ralph”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Hahahaha! I was laughing out loud at the last one!
    And I’m glad you got some of their yell-meowing on the video 🙂


  2. Mark Said on:

    Hilarious. Love the sound of the plate being put down, then picking Ralph up.

    “No catfood like that for you!!”


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