Happy Birthday, Phil!

May 5, 2021


It’s my brother’s birthday today!

I have Parent-Teacher conferences in the evening via Zoom this week and part of next, and there’s a bit of a shuffle with staffing since Concordia is having finals and then many are headed home, so my posting may be spottier than usual. I gotta put it on the list of ‘Things to Do Before Bed’. So far the list includes, “Watch t.v.”………

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Yay! Happy Birthday, Phil!

    I hope your conferences all go well. We didn’t do remote conferences this year. It was in person with masks. It was challenging to talk without the aid of facial cues. But I think even if you see faces on Zoom, it would still be challenging to be talking to a screen instead a person.


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