I might get fired from this website job.

May 8, 2021


Sorry for the ultra-awful job updating this site last week. The conferences went until 8-ish and then I was wiped out when I came home. This is also when our college students have finals, then many leave for their real homes, so my time in the classroom is longer, too. If you were my boss, though, you’d say, “That’s no excuse. Get the job done.” So, here’s what I meant to write about last week.

I put some plants in the ground last weekend. I ordered things from the school’s fundraiser: tomatoes, a cucumber plant and rhubarb, which I don’t know anything about. This year I put the cucumber in the same old spot, but moved the tomatoes to where they might get some more sun. (The yard is pretty shaded.) The thing I was most proud of, though, was the compost that I half-heartedly mixed into our super-clay dirt. It was my compost from my throw-it-out-the-window experiment, and it worked! (I took out the sticks.)

There is the issue of the planting location. The plants are behind the garbage cans, so I am going to forget about them. I need to figure out a watering system that will give them a chance. I’m thinking a hose and a sprinkler that are permanently attached, then asking Google to remind me to keep them alive.

So ugly….

There was also a funny incident. Ralph was sitting on my lap and when I was scritching his neck, I discovered a big ol’ bald patch and freaked right out. What was happening?? Did he have some new malady? Some weird skin condition? Lloyd and I thought about it for a while and then realized (thank you, Google) that when they did the blood draw to find out about his diabetes, they shave the neck for a jugular draw. Whew. However, it’s pretty bad that it took me two weeks to see that bald spot. I’m pretty unobservant.

Finally, I have another prayer request. My mom had a fall and is in the hospital. She has some small fractures in her pelvis and they are doing some scans to see if there are any other issues. Prayers for her, my dad and my sister would be most welcome. Thank you!

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2 Responses to “I might get fired from this website job.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Your own compost?!? That is amazing. With all the garden projects I’ve done over the years, that is one thing I’ve never done. Your idea of a watering system is good. Hmm… maybe I should look into that for my plants while I’m gone this summer…

    Praying for your mom and family…


  2. Deborah Said on:

    We got rain last night, so you’re good for a few days. I love it when God takes care of my watering. One less thing.

    I am praying for you, your mom, and your family.


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