Weekend Update

May 30, 2021


I don’t know if I’ll get photos put up, but words have to be better than nothing, right?

Friday was a workday at school. We had a special brunch for my friend Kate, who extended her time with us for another week and will be done the at the end of next. I got some things done in the classroom, then had to drive to Lincoln to get fingerprinted. I’m not a criminal, but all child care workers have to have this done by mid-June. They are only open limited hours during the work week. Brilliant, eh? Anyway, I got lost on the way there, arrived late, then stood in a six-by-fourteen room (I counted ceiling tiles) waiting for my turn. Awesome. Back to work for a while, then home.

Saturday, I was pretty pathetic. I did some chores in the morning and then sat around most of the afternoon. The weather has been a bit dreary, so napping seemed the right thing to do.

Sunday morning, Lloyd got up early to go to Texas with some friends. I did a few chores, went to church, then to work to ‘finish’ up some things. (I’m not quite finished.) Then I drove to Lincoln to get some things…. and forgot my list. I was very tired when I got home, so I moved laundry, fed the cats – ready to settle in for a nap……. and noticed there was water on the downstairs bathroom floor.

Hmmmmm….. I guess that repair I put off has come to bite me in the butt.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Saturday doesn’t sound pathetic. It sounds like you were charging up for the all the other stuff you’ve been doing. Sheesh! Take a rest some time.

    I hope your water in the bathroom situation isn’t too bad 🙁


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