Memorial Day

May 31, 2021


Well, this day was surprisingly full. I slept in the shed, had a little fire, and then did lots and lots of things. I went to work for a little while* and then came back to tackle the disaster in the bathroom that I avoided last night. (I was too tired to think clearly after mopping up all the water on the floor.) I think I know what the problem is: the diverter in the upstairs tub is causing a leak. I figured that out by dragging a table into the bathroom, cutting a bigger hole in the ceiling, re-creating the problem upstairs by pulling the diverter up and making a big ol’ mess.

I have a written explanation for the guy I’m going to ask to fix it.

After that, I did some cooking and cleaning, a little t.v.-watching, a little nap, then some more cleaning. It doesn’t actually look like I did anything, but I am pleased that I was in motion for much of the day. After I cleaned up the downstairs bathroom (moved the table back, vacuumed up all the drywall dust), I realized I never released the diverter upstairs….. and there’s water on the floor. *sigh*

Anyway, tomorrow (or ‘today’, when you read this) is the first day of the summer program. Prayers for a smooth start would be great.

Happy Tuesday!

* I forgot to mention that I backed into the trash can at the end of the driveway and scratched the car. Awesome.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    It’s still Monday here, so I’m praying for a good tomorrow 🙂


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