Not my best day.

June 3, 2021


I should have mentioned yesterday that one of my new students noticed that a baby robin fell out of its nest on our porch. I got out a ladder, carefully scooped it up and put it back. We cordoned off the area and hoped for the best.

Flash-forward to today. We are already down 10 staff members due to vacations, and as I opened the building, our director sent a text that two more were calling in sick. They were needed at the start of the day, and we also were missing one more who was supposed to cover for a vacationer.


We stretched the few of us that there were, so I covered in one room, then was alone in my room, checking children in, serving breakfast and keeping everyone happy. Meanwhile, every parent who arrived with their child told me about the TWO birds that were now on the ground – one that was dead and one that was nearly so. I smiled and said, “We’re very short-staffed right now and I’ll get to it when it’s possible.” I had that conversation ten more times.

The day did not really improve from there. I was cranky and tried to contain it, but I’m sure I didn’t. The children were not as fantastic as they day before and were AMPED UP about the bird situation. I wasn’t as prepared for the day since I spent my get-ready time in a different room. *sigh*

Perhaps Thursday will be a better day……

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Ugh. It sounds like an awful day. I get sarcastic when I’m grumpy, so its good I haven’t had lots of people tell me about a dead bird I already knew about. I might be tempted to say something regrettable.


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